Pro Signaling

The department ” Signalling ” offers many services in the fields of engraving and signage: Achieving the mailbox platelets commissioned by over 30% of the governed instead of Geneva. Creating nameplates and signs and the creation of platelets many electricians and metalworkers from the sectors of industry in Geneva. The realization of stickers of all sizes with a palette of colors and extremely varied forms. Burning a variety of medals for your faithful four-legged companions. The realization of display cases for building entrances, neighborhood plans, etc. Finally, and still with the times, Dr. repairs DVD anytime your CD, DVD and CD scratched the surface.

Hydro Léman SA

The company filed for bankruptcy and is closed since late November 2017.
Our company offers its expertise in hydraulic and pneumatic and offers a full range of hydraulic equipment standard or customized as needed. With a simple, rational organization, with a highly qualified and dynamic team, we are able to deliver quickly internationally recognized brands. Our machinery allows us to produce in good conditions any part or adapt any facility in record time. We have a large stock of components and fluid accessories. Ask us, we are here to find the best solution for your problems.